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Starting from Hydro Mechanical Design Engineering, then PT. Bimasakti Unitama expanding  in Design System Provider, as well as an applicator for Dewatering and Dredging particularly in sewage and slurry.

Its become a solution for  handling flood control problems, dewatering and reduce the sedimentation by dredging for slurry on pit, reservoir, dam, river etc.


The engineers and field-personnel at Unitama have accumulated a vast amount of experience at the numerous dewatering and dredging project that they have worked. This provides them with an extensive background and knowledge base for dewatering and dredging problem solving.
Established Reputation
Field-Proven System


We work with several manufacturers pump which specialize produce a certain pump in dewatering and dredging to comply our system and customer specially high capacity in stationary and mobile system,

We have a number of clients who utilize our services in one or more ways, and Unitama is always looking to make a better and more economical pump installation to deliver satisfactorily and for longer uninterrupted periods in innovative methods to comply customer’s needs.

System & Design

We realized that there are so many system in which pump to be operate and applied depending on the requirements and desires of its customer.
We are working as a partner, a provider of engineering solutions, an applicator or a system designer supported by skilled staff and years of experience to carryout customer’s need to design, select, purchase, installation, operating, testing and maintenance of pumps in order to assure an adequate match between system, pumps and customer’s need.
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